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Construction and industry

Survey, design, construction. Supporting stable supplies of water, air and heat worldwide through innovative technology and top-quality service.

Supplying pumps, fans, chillers and cooling towers used in everyday infrastructure, industrial facilities and every other aspect of life.

- Housing

Drinking water supply & important drainage for daily life

- Office building

Supports a comfortable working space

- Sports venues, commercial facilities and visitors


- General industry

Producing products that enrich life

Performance evaluation

We offer a wide range of pumps, fans, chillers and cooling towers to meet diverse needs, such as water supply and drainage to support daily life, heating/work cooling and supply/exhaust air of buildings and commercial facilities, liquid transfer pumps used in factories, and cooling in manufacturing processes. We support the creation of comfortable and safe living environments as well as industrial development. We will also continue to promote the development of energy-saving devices and contribute to reducing life-cycle costs and CO2 emissions.

Service & support

We use our technological capabilities and rich imported products such as pumps, blowers, chillers and cooling towers to offer the best solutions for operating conditions of customers and provide comprehensive support from product production and sales to maintenance. We maintain and manage long-term equipment performance and functionality with a maintenance menu that includes preventative maintenance, remote cloud monitoring, and meticulous attention to detail that is unique to us. at equipment manufacturers.

Main products

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Contact details

  • No. 22/20 Street 13, Linh Xuan Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • 0932 913 286


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