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The best solution provider in the energy sector to realize a sustainable society

Become the best solution provider in the field of energy and

play a pioneering role in building a sustainable society

- Highest levels of performance and reliability in harsh oil and gas environments

- Oil Filter

Advanced compression technology for refineries

- Delivers superior efficiency and performance to the chemical and petrochemical markets

- The world's leading LNG freezing technology

- Contribute to stabilizing electricity production through power plants

- Contribute to the decarbonization of next generation energy (hydrogen, geothermal energy production, CO2 storage, etc.)


Energy's main markets are oil/gas, electric power and next generation energy such as hydrogen/ammonia.

To realize customer-oriented value creation, we aim to become the best solution provider in the energy sector by providing excellent equipment and services, such as pumps Ebara brand, Elliott brand compressors and turbines.

At the same time, we will play an active and leading role in building a sustainable society in the energy sector, which is at a turning point.

Additionally, we aim to popularize next generation energy such as hydrogen and geothermal heat towards a decarbonized society and create new business opportunities through fluid (gas/liquid) injection technology. special and ultra-low temperature technology, which is our strength.

Support Services

We provide consistent, high-quality service and support for not only our pumps, compressors and turbines, but also other companies' rotary machines.

In addition, we are highly appreciated by customers worldwide for our expertise, skills and ability to respond to rotating equipment in general, such as emergency support, spare parts supply/replacement, repair, Periodically inspect and improve equipment to meet new requirements. specifications. .

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  • Số 22/20 Đường số 13, Phường Linh Xuân, Thành phố Thủ Đức, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam

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