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General contractor

  1. General Contractor

We are a contractor who signs a contract directly with the investor to receive contracts, some types of work or all of the work of the investment project.

General construction contractors include the following main forms:

  • General design contractor

  • General contractor for construction works

  • General contractor for design and construction of projects

  • General contractor for design, supply of technological equipment and construction of projects

  • General contractor prepares construction investment projects and designs, provides technological equipment and constructs projects.

2. Responsibilities of the general construction contractor

In general, the general construction contractor is responsible for the means and construction methods used and implemented during the construction process. In addition, the general construction contractor is responsible for providing all materials, labor and necessary services.

To accomplish this, in the case of large value contracts, general contractors will usually sign contracts with subcontractors to perform specialized construction.

Specifically, below are the rights and obligations of the general construction contractor according to regulations.

Rights of general construction contractor:

The general construction contractor has the rights in Clause 1, Article 28 of Decree 37/2015/ND-CP and the following rights:

  • Control all means and construction methods within the construction site of the entire project.

  • Add or replace subcontractors (if necessary) to ensure quality, price and schedule of contract work after approval by the investor.

  • Select subcontractors through bidding or contractor appointment in accordance with the signed general construction contractor contract and legal regulations on construction investment;

Obligations of general construction contractors

The general construction contractor has obligations as prescribed in Clause 2, Article 28 of Decree 37/2015/ND-CP and the following obligations:

  • Organize construction site operations, coordinate subcontractors on the reasonable use of auxiliary works and construction works to avoid waste; use, protect the premises and maintain security and order at the construction site. Subcontractors must comply with the general construction contractor's direction on site management.

  • Prepare and agree with the investor on the progress plan for the implementation of construction stages and major construction items, and the payment plan of the contract;

  • Organize the procurement, fabrication and supply of materials and equipment according to requirements and progress of the general contractor contract; Negotiate and agree with the investor on the content of bidding documents for procurement of major technological equipment and on equipment procurement costs of the contract based on the equipment bidding results (if any agreement is reached). agreed in the contract);

  • Organize the quality management system and ensure the quality of work performed according to regulations on construction quality management and contractual agreements;

  • Organize, coordinate and manage activities on the construction site; Implement measures to ensure environmental hygiene, fire and explosion prevention, labor safety and security at the construction site;

  • Proactively coordinate with the investor in organizing training for managers and workers to operate and use the project; Carry out technology transfer, hand over drawings and technical documents related to the operation, use and maintenance of the project to the investor;

  • Perform testing, adjustment, and synchronous commissioning of the project and hand over the completed project to the investor according to contract agreements and state regulations;

  • Perform construction warranty according to state regulations;

  • Be responsible before the law and before the investor for the quality and progress of work according to the signed contract, including work performed by subcontractors, and must compensate materially for damages. harm caused by my fault.

Contact details

  • No. 22/20 Street 13, Linh Xuan Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

  • 0932 913 286


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